Silhouette trapeze

Hi readers,

Im rushing for excitement and adrenaline, i really need this!!

Any trapeze in Johor? would you share the details?



Kylie madness 

Hi girlss, the cosmetics that in trending right now. Its kylie collection, ya most of makeup junkie going crazy because of this matte lipstick.

I dont have any idea where to buy, im using lazada but still not there. It just launching and will be in few months arrive in Johore, and i scroll here scroll there and found a personal shopper selling this and I ordered with her.

My package arrived within two week around day 8-9 if not mistaken. I chose dolce and koko, obviously you won’t waste your shipping cost. You should pick 2 or more. I love nude shaded but kylie haven’t launch many more colour in nude. So just try that pink pastel like tht color.

Im wearing the lipstick for doa selamat ceremony and its last long, longer than i need. Seriously, i need lip remover to clean mine 😂

The color was nice, but koko shaded not suitable with me. Its look like very bright but pale


Hi readers, this is the very first time I followed mr. A find mussels. Be brave as always i bet im the one used to find it. Hehe

He always acting belagak with me like pro in any situation so i do the same. He never know that was my first, and im confident too!

It was rainy day once we already on the boat, the greeny dark water make me uncomfortable like gerun as well. Ohh no i cant be lose with him for sure. 

Most of the time pretending like you’re good into it. Still thinking how they look like in finding mussels, i dont have any idea. AT ALL 😂

Try to figure out things, luckily he has brothers and sister too. My safe spot, look at what they do so i do the same. Good thinker i am! 

We collected about 2 XL plastic bags and back to the shore. Still in rainy day, ahh and we ride motorcycle! Pheww good boy, good idea. Enjoy the evening and great dinner today.

Q #inspirational

Bila berkali-kali engkau disakiti, kau akan menyedari bahawa hati yang disakiti lagi kuat tanpa kau sedar. Allah maha mengetahui, ketika itu baliklah kepadaNya bagi mengingati apa yang engkau lupa. 

Bila engkau kecewa, ingatlah bahawa dia pernah membuat engkau rasa bahagia. Jangan hanya kesalahan sebesar kuman mampu menutup seribu kebaikannya. Dia hanyalah seperti kamu, seharusnya engkau berlembut bagi meluluhkan amarah.

Ya Allah, ya Rahman

Hogwart open day

 Good day readers, today is the day fourun came back for their performance. Invited from UITM Seri Alam, started at 5pm. Of course we do arrived early, at least a bit 😝

 Let me introduce : They are (fourun band) syawal (vocalist) mr A (guitarist) wan (drummer) hamzah (bassist) asyiq (keyboardist) the girl in yellow scarf (hanani) she’s the one inviting us. What a kuat makan boy! Obviously you are Mr A 😂

P/s : tonight was jb underground meet and greet 2016, i wanted to go because i heard Tunku Idris will be there with his surprisingly supercar. Oh no my mascara surely turn to blue!

But I think Mr A might not interested to go with me, its ok after married i will get pay off mine. *evil laugh 

Craving satisfied

Hi readers, i got a lot of condemned comment due to pokemon go was haram by Msia law. I don’t think this neglected cause by this game but I agreed the game kind of insulting muslim because they put the pokemon at mosque. It is a pig!  Yeah this is Cemara restaurant which is the place already viral in Facebook, located in Tanjung Langsat. End of road at kampung, sea breeze all around and seafood restaurant. From right apple jumbo and watermelon jumbo, they serving fresh seafood and western food as well.

Do try guys!