Hi readers, this is the very first time I followed mr. A find mussels. Be brave as always i bet im the one used to find it. Hehe

He always acting belagak with me like pro in any situation so i do the same. He never know that was my first, and im confident too!

It was rainy day once we already on the boat, the greeny dark water make me uncomfortable like gerun as well. Ohh no i cant be lose with him for sure. 

Most of the time pretending like you’re good into it. Still thinking how they look like in finding mussels, i dont have any idea. AT ALL šŸ˜‚

Try to figure out things, luckily he has brothers and sister too. My safe spot, look at what they do so i do the same. Good thinker i am! 

We collected about 2 XL plastic bags and back to the shore. Still in rainy day, ahh and we ride motorcycle! Pheww good boy, good idea. Enjoy the evening and great dinner today.


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