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Hi, its Friday. Freshened from long hectic day after hari raya, what did you do while waiting 5pm? Or 6pm? 

Ahaa i do read blog, some of company weren’t allow social network server. So i can writing my post! Yaa pretend like you do your work checklist before you leave. Teehee

I would like to share my current skincare, here we go..

Basic as im a lazy girl, i dont wear make up everyday. Lets start with :

  1. Clean your face
  2. Citrus mist as shown no2 bottle
  3. Moisture vanilla as show no4 bottle
  4. Night mask in cute crown (an option)

I do normal cleanse with sebamed soap. Later i show you the picture.

 I would like to share about EB toner and moisturiser. Absolutely an organic skincare, starts with toner. It was light toner with citrus smell, let say if you just came back from workout please apply this toner. Absorbed easily and getting refreshed instantly because vitamin c gives natural radiant. And its delay wrinkles. And its repair tissues. And relief acne. Ahh too many and at the end, you may goggle for more info. Teehee

EB moisturiser comfortable to skin, I  dont have to apply face oil to prevent access oil. My skin sometimes too dry and a bit oily. But this lotion just perfect to me, either call as face oil or moisturiser. Honestly, this is highly recommended because im the one of products user they’re not pay me for this. I always use as make up base for perfect finished.

For night, i called it mask. Branding of our local product, I bought from sparkling skincare range with mimie ameera, cute lil girl who owned this instagram >>

With cooling effect, nice texture, a bit hard smells while applying but gone in airy environment. It makes our skin smooth in the morning wake up. You should try!

Here it is! Sebamed soap I mentioned above, clearly at left bottom picture ‘teenage cleansing bar’. Thats why people believe im 7teen (~_^)

Kidding about the age but im seriously  using this soap from high school. Such purely heaven no tears, no paraben, no burning. It doesn’t matter if you run out of body wash, just let the soap wash your body. 

I rarely using teenage care gel, i used when get sunburn. It was my saviour, should be in my travel beauty bag.


Q #inspirational

You gained patience, you learn redha.

‘Allah send someone for our guide’

Currently listening while wrote this post



Tak match tak apa asal bahagia sudah ☺️

We spent our night watching at home and talked. Flash back our first met up, we eat we laugh we watch we talked we hang out together. 

I didnt expect he will stand by me like today, time flies. It was started with rollerblade, I thought he is terror but im totally wrong and i try persuade him to play wheelboard for first time and he fall 😆

Till continue next love phase 

Eid 2016 (part 2)

It was a short vacation to port dickson!

We bet for our euro team before we off to PD early morning. We wait for the result and we’re not watching the match. I chose germany and he chose opposite of mine even he is not fans of france.

I prefer to stay at grand lexis water chalet because I already accommodate before, they provided good services and the room quite good in privacy. Sleep tight tonight, zzZz..

Some of wefie, njoy!

Fourth raya, my favourite part. Shopping spreeeeee, heading to KL. yeayyy

Mr A met his besties and forgot who is Nadia. Ptfff….. Nothing much i can share here because i am busy spend money, teehee. And you know what!? shopping continuously 




Are you ok to bring all this? Ok or not, you still have to do it as you forget Nadia in KL. ok lets go home!


 02.07.2016 pre-eid

Yes we were invited for commercial shooting. Mr A had to attend the event for busking performed. 

 Heading to kukup,Pontian. May Allah bless!   Stopped-by at Pekan Nenas wearing samping and iron scarf and fetch 4r keyboardist. P/s: someone’s who told us he will become akim and the majistret member soon or later 😂 while hanging take breath fefeeling kampung styleEira. She’s the one inviting us.nothing to do, lets selfieeeedua insan bercinta on air Mr photograher award us as talent last song cover for tonight ‘selamat hari raya’. For more video do visit YouTube and search (fourun cover)

Drove off around 10pm and we’re totally exhausted, another an hour to JB *sigh

Thanks for stopping here!

Eid 2016

I and A spent our hari raya together for the first time. Since we shared our kampung we start a conversation about avoiding argue about thisyearmykampung, nextyearyourkampung. So we dont have any problem at all, lucky us!

First raya Mr A going for his grandfather and me in my sweet ‘home’. Had all the ketupat rendang and you gained almost 5kgs in a day. The better the celebration of hari kemenangan with eat, sleep, pray. And rotate again. Pheww

Second day he ask me to join him balik kampung (father side) at kluang, and yes still inside johor district.

I dont have any kampung so i decided to keep him company the whole second day of raya, EATALOT! Magoshhh, found my kek bakar! Segan to ask his aunt for me to tapau so i keep in mouth, i swear 😂

First match! Baby blue

Till continue third raya story..

It’s organic time

Hi readers, this post review an organic skincare. Honestly, i didnt spend much for skincare. So here i am..

Its from loccitane, reine blanche range. Obviously, i need spot corrector so i bought this.

  1. Foaming cleanser
  2. Illuminating toner
  3. Whitening serum
  4. Whitening cream

 Foaming cleanser helps reduce my freckles appear. It was light creamy texture, smells good and glowing with fresh radiance.

Toner is the best part i guess, really works  for my skin. It helps refined my skin texture, lighten skin and leaving my skin hydrated with translucent effect. This is an alcohol free toner, it doesn’t make my skin red. You don’t have to worry to apply after pinch your pimples!

Very lightweight serum, feeling so fresh. Different with others, doesn’t sticky at all. Absorb quickly to my skin, I would recommend this to my family and friends too.

Whitening cream restore natural translucency, it helps whiten my skin as well. Light texture and doesn’t have strong smells, pretty good for me. I would  sticking with this cream! 

Opss, almost forgot my UV shield. Here it is

A baby uv shield for my skin protection, my rating 2  instead of 5. It claims leaving plumped and hydrated skin, it doesn’t works for me. Spf 50 totally protect skin from sun exposure, i guess spf 30 is enough for me. The higher spf under consideration because it leaves my skin oily under direct sunlight.  Luckily it was a baby tube, so i didn’t waste my money. Huhh