Kylie madness 

Hi girlss, the cosmetics that in trending right now. Its kylie collection, ya most of makeup junkie going crazy because of this matte lipstick.

I dont have any idea where to buy, im using lazada but still not there. It just launching and will be in few months arrive in Johore, and i scroll here scroll there and found a personal shopper selling this and I ordered with her.

My package arrived within two week around day 8-9 if not mistaken. I chose dolce and koko, obviously you won’t waste your shipping cost. You should pick 2 or more. I love nude shaded but kylie haven’t launch many more colour in nude. So just try that pink pastel like tht color.

Im wearing the lipstick for doa selamat ceremony and its last long, longer than i need. Seriously, i need lip remover to clean mine 😂

The color was nice, but koko shaded not suitable with me. Its look like very bright but pale


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